Find your settings button. Adjust your person data.

The 'settings button' is an icon which many online services, applications use to indicate where you can change your settings. With this campaign we aim to stimulate you a) to find the settings button in your app and b) to adjust the settings especially related to the use/availability to the desired status. Privacy is a human right.

NEW: YaYp How to Videos

We are exploring if a ‘How to’ video will have impact on understanding that you have a choice when online. The apps we are diving into include: Instagram, Snap and Clubhouse. The How to video project is still in beta.

New posters available in Dutch / Nieuwe posters beschikbaar in het Nederlands

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'Facebook' 'Facebook'
'Youtube' 'Youtube'
'WeChat' 'WeChat'
'Amazon' 'Amazon'
'Human Rights' 'Human Rights'


Watch this space for updates.


We are working on bringing the campaign to Curacao (Caribbean island) and The Hague.


Currently the campaign has a focus on the city of Amsterdam and the city of Helmond (The Netherlands).


On 19 August 2020, on UN World Humanitarian Day, we officially started our campaign.