On 19 August 2020, on UN World Humanitarian Day, we officially start with our campaign 'Find your settings button. Adjust your person data.'.

-- Find your settings button. Adjust your person data. --

When you register with an online service you get an account. When you log on/in you can adjust your settings. 'Your settings' means for instance how others can view you and which data is collected. Nowadays, you can adjust more and more. But where can I adjust my person data in particular. The 'settings button' is an icon which many online services, applications use to indicate where you can change your settings.

With this campaign we aim to stimulate you a) to find the settings button in your app and b) to adjust the settings especially related to the use/availability to the desired status.

Privacy is a human right.

What are we up to?

We are currently focused on spreading the campaign in the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

New campaign posters

'Human Rights' 'Human Rights'
'Facebook' 'Facebook'
'Youtube' 'Youtube'
'WeChat' 'WeChat'
'Amazon' 'Amazon'

Initial campaign posters