About the You are Your profile Foundation

The You are Your profile Foundation was founded in 2021 driven by the vision of a society in which social protection online is guaranteed; a connected society in which all citizens when active online, can experience dignity, be free and have control of their privacy. You are Your profile envisions a more human rights aware connected society.

Activities include:

-stimulating dialogue based on a series of films

-empowering education via providing online access to toolkits

-developing city programs with the aim to stimulate multi stakeholder cooperation

-advocation for a more prominent position of the settings button when using digital applications and platforms

The research performed by the You are Your profile Foundation has the focus on the topic of social protection online in general and more specifically aims to provide insights on considerations being made when active online for the purpose of developing the digital landscape of tomorrow.

The You are Your profile Foundation is a registered foundation in Amsterdam with number 83094997. The foundation is located on Amstelveenseweg 690, 1081 JJ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

General contact information

email: mail@youareyourprofile.org www: https://youareyourprofile.org

About Jerry de Mars and Jake Blok

Bio Jerry de Mars

http://jerrydemars.com | https://youareyourprofile.org 


- works as a director, photographer and communications consultant - works predominantly in the humanitarian field - studied Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University - studied directing in Prague - lives in Amsterdam - work experience as a director, producer of several short films, documentaries, commercials and music video’s - short film 'denk maar aan iets blauws' is released and screened Internationally - recently finished a 20" documentary on women rights & economic empowerment in Tanzania - working as a communications consultant with Beyond Borders Media for UNHCR, UNPD, US-AID. 


- werkt als regisseur, fotograaf en communicatieadviseur - werkt voornamelijk op humanitair gebied - studeerde Culturele Antropologie aan de Universiteit Utrecht - studeerde regie in Praag - woont in Amsterdam - werkervaring als regisseur, producent van diverse korte films, documentaires, commercials en muziekvideo's - korte film 'denk maar aan iets blauws' is uitgebracht en internationaal vertoond - heeft onlangs een 20-minuten documentaire over vrouwenrechten en economische empowerment in Tanzania afgerond - werkte als communicatieadviseur bij Beyond Borders Media voor UNHCR, UNPD, US-AID.

Bio Jake Blok

https://iyyu.com/vi/jake-blok | https://youareyourprofile.org 


Co-founder iYYU.com and founder Wish Will Way Foundation

From a professional perspective, I consider myself an entrepreneur. I am co-founder and CEO of iYYU.com and founder of the Wish Will Way Foundation. In life in general, I believe it is important to want to know your wish and to have the will to act. I believe then there is always a way. Join me to create a more dignity driven and modern connected society by raising awareness for privacy/digital rights topics.


Mede-oprichter iYYU.com en oprichter Wish Will Way Foundation

Professioneel beschouw ik mezelf als een ondernemer. Ik ben mede-oprichter en CEO van iYYU.com en oprichter van de Wish Will Way Foundation. In het leven in het algemeen vind ik het belangrijk om je wens te willen weten en de wil te hebben om te handelen. Ik geloof dat er dan altijd een weg vooruit is. Doe met mij mee om een ​​meer op waardigheid gedreven en modern verbonden samenleving te creëren door bewustwording te stimuleren voor onderwerpen als privacy/digitale rechten.

The You are Your profile Foundation is a registered foundation in Amsterdam with number 83094997.

The foundation is located on Amstelveenseweg 690, 1081 JJ in Amsterdam.