A Big Thank You!

We would like to acknowledge the following people and organisations:

Thank you to team Pakhuis de Zwijger for screening our movie!

Thank you to the team in Helmond working on 'Week van Digitaal Bewustzijn'. Fantastic to be part of this adventure. 2022 + 2023

Thank you to the team and participating organisations working on 'Digital Rights Day Amsterdam'. Great fun to be part of this adventure too! 2022 + 2023

Thank you Social Justice Film Festival 2022 for selecting the film You are Your Profile - personal considerations in a digital world. September 28 - October 2.

Thank you Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia for selecting the film You are Your Profile - personal considerations in a digital world for the 4th annual Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival scheduled for Tuesday, September 20 – Saturday, September 24.

Thank you YOUthDIG and @EuroDIG that we were able to join the fun in Trieste, Italy.

Thank you Gemeente Amsterdam + De Roode Bioscoop that we were able to join the fun. | Session link

Thank you MozFest 2022 that we were able to join the fun. | Session link

You are Your profile 2

YOU ARE YOUR PROFILE “Personal considerations online” 

camera - Boris de Ruijter 

camera - Diderik Evers 

camera - Ezra Reverda 

sound Curaçao - Ralph Durgeram 

editing - Paul de Heer NCE 

sound design - Wouter Verhulst 

grading - Erik Verhulst 

research by: Arian Hosepha Chris Janzen Eva Lucia Dekkers Marin Beijerbacht Rosa Louwerse Taiyana Merien 

Thank you for being part of this production: Girl in Gym played by Leïse Kulsdom Eugene Imani & family Ingmar Nui & family Robbin & Isa Valentijn, Benjamin & family Kate Aryandra-Maria Ingrid Joanne Anonymous person 

Thank you for supporting this production: 

LEV Helmond Saskia Buckley Elke Minnebach BJ Helmond Curtis Bharos Ferhat Dasdemir STG F.E.L.I.S. & Gerda van Petersen Giovanni Zanolino & Gallery Zanolino Willemstad Caribbean Filmcom Stichting Together Wise & Sara Dekker Christa Hoogesteger Erwin Kienhuis Tim Wagemakers Daan van Hooff Olivier Francescangeli Juan-Carlos Goilo Mirjam Simons

Special acknowledgement: City of Amsterdam City of Den Haag City of Helmond Digital Rights House Foundation Max Maloney Rental Amsterdam Island of Curacao 

A film by Jake Blok & Jerry de Mars

You are Your profile 1

Alfons Hooikaas |

Thank you Alfons for helping us out with the campaign posters.

Just van der Loos |

Thank you Just for helping us out with bringing the YaYp button to life.

Jelmar van Belle |

Thank you Jelmar for helping us shoot the documentary.

Paul de Heer |

Thank you Paul for helping us edit the documentary.

Erik Verhulst |

Thank you Erik for helping us with the grading of the documentary.

Wouter Verhulst |

Thank you Wouter for helping us with the sound design of the documentary.

Albert Hofman |

Thank you Albert for helping us with motion design for our campaigns.

Gemeente Helmond |

Thank you Helmond!

Gemeente Den Haag |

Thank you Den Haag!

Gemeente Amsterdam |

Thank you Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is a city for Digital Rights. |

In Dutch: 'Amsterdam is voor een Digitale Stad voor én van iedereen.' |

MozFest |

Thank you Mozilla for inviting us to join the fun starting March 8th 2021!

IGF in Katowice |

Thank you!

You are Your Profile - personal considerations in a digital world has been selected for:

Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival

Social Justice Film Festival