A Big Thank You!

We would like to acknowledge the following people and organisations:

Thank you YOUthDIG and @EuroDIG that we were able to join the fun in Trieste, Italy.

Thank you Gemeente Amsterdam + De Roode Bioscoop that we were able to join the fun. | Session link

Thank you MozFest 2022 that we were able to join the fun. | Session link

You are Your profile 2

YOU ARE YOUR PROFILE “Personal considerations online” 

camera - Boris de Ruijter 

camera - Diderik Evers 

camera - Ezra Reverda 

sound Curaçao - Ralph Durgeram 

editing - Paul de Heer NCE 

sound design - Wouter Verhulst 

grading - Erik Verhulst 

research by: Arian Hosepha Chris Janzen Eva Lucia Dekkers Marin Beijerbacht Rosa Louwerse Taiyana Merien 

Thank you for being part of this production: Girl in Gym played by Leïse Kulsdom Eugene Imani & family Ingmar Nui & family Robbin & Isa Valentijn, Benjamin & family Kate Aryandra-Maria Ingrid Joanne Anonymous person 

Thank you for supporting this production: 

LEV Helmond Saskia Buckley Elke Minnebach BJ Helmond Curtis Bharos Ferhat Dasdemir STG F.E.L.I.S. & Gerda van Petersen Giovanni Zanolino & Gallery Zanolino Willemstad Caribbean Filmcom Stichting Together Wise & Sara Dekker Christa Hoogesteger Erwin Kienhuis Tim Wagemakers Daan van Hooff Olivier Francescangeli Juan-Carlos Goilo Mirjam Simons

Special acknowledgement: City of Amsterdam City of Den Haag City of Helmond Digital Rights House Foundation Max Maloney Rental Amsterdam Island of Curacao 

A film by Jake Blok & Jerry de Mars

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Alfons Hooikaas |

Thank you Alfons for helping us out with the campaign posters.

Just van der Loos |

Thank you Just for helping us out with bringing the YaYp button to life.

Jelmar van Belle |

Thank you Jelmar for helping us shoot the documentary.

Paul de Heer |

Thank you Paul for helping us edit the documentary.

Erik Verhulst |

Thank you Erik for helping us with the grading of the documentary.

Wouter Verhulst |

Thank you Wouter for helping us with the sound design of the documentary.

Albert Hofman |

Thank you Albert for helping us with motion design for our campaigns.

Gemeente Helmond |

Thank you Helmond!

Gemeente Den Haag |

Thank you Den Haag!

Gemeente Amsterdam |

Thank you Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is a city for Digital Rights. |

In Dutch: 'Amsterdam is voor een Digitale Stad voor én van iedereen.' |

MozFest |

Thank you Mozilla for inviting us to join the fun starting March 8th 2021!

IGF in Katowice |

Thank you!