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The story ‘You are Your profile’ deals with the rise of the Internet and other ‘technologies' in society and the effect this has on the changing way people interact with each other and the creation of new interactions between people and ‘machines’. In the story we also refer to the context of United Nations and among other things ‘privacy’ developments in Europe. The hypothesis is that privacy is a human right. (Article 12 UN). If a person is online freedom and dignity which is addressed in article 1 of UN must be seen in combination with article 12. That is the main statement. Nowadays, when a person is online she/he can be seen as a set of (person) data. With every interaction a piece of data is ‘left’ behind. This growing ‘mountain' of data has benefits and also brings wrongdoings. The result is a decision people take, consciously or unconsciously, we call the ‘Privacy Convenience’ decision. In short; You want convenience, but you might not be aware at what cost. The story ‘You are Your profile’ explores the concept of ‘My Trust’ in which people choose who, which organisations, they give their trust to and if we as people are aware of our rights and the opportunities we have to decide what happens with our data, our profile, with me as a person when active online.

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